"Where there is a Will, there is a way."

The Will Group Turns 30!!

"My father’s name was William Edward Davis. Friends and family called him “Will.” He lived to the age of 80 and at the time of his death he had worked for the same family in Knoxville, Tennessee, for nearly 65 years. William “Will” Davis was a hero to my six siblings and me. When I started The Will Group, I had a vision of a business that would honor my father and would promote the core values of integrity, pride and hard work he was well known for. This dynamic business environment could then inspire the development of additional businesses that could be managed by one or more family members, and or key stakeholders who aspire to the same values. Today, my vision has become reality as several companies are now owned and operated by descendants of Will Davis. Although each Will Group company is a separate, distinct and independent entity, all operate with the common philosophy “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.” I believe my father would be proud. My family and I thank you for your support."

Clark Bridge LED Project

Clark Bridge LED 14
Clark Bridge LED 2
Clark Bridge LED 32

Clark Bridge looks amazing after it was upgraded to LED.

2017 Tuskegee NEXT Run the Runway

Group Picture
finish line
group photo

Minooka Lighing Project

Minooka Project 1
Minooka Project 2
Minooka Prooject 3

2017 Tuskegee NEXT Red Tail Ball

Air Plane

The purpose of the Red Tail Ball is to continue to honor the legacy of the original Tuskegee Airmen who fought bravely and valiantly in WWII, highlight current aviation professionals, as well as to raise funds for the next generation of aviators. All proceeds from the ball will benefit the Tuskegee NEXT Foundation.

Pearson Street Project

Pearson Street 4
Pearson Street 2
Pearson Street 3